The eChurch Network

In 2020, many churches across the country had to stop meeting when the body of Christ needed them the most. Here at the eChurch Network, we are supporting online churches that can meet the people of God where they are and how they want to worship: at home.
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Our Mission & Vision

To promote Ecumenical remote worship and online church creation.

The eChurch Network was created to serve as an online resource center and broadcast support for church building. Through the eChurch Network, you can become ordained, learn more about biblical topics, and broadcast your teachings to new online audiences.

Mission & Purpose

In John 21:6, Jesus told his disciples to “cast their net on the right side of the boat.” Due to restrictions and health concerns, the majority of churches stopped meeting regularly; however, the need for centers of faith and the teachings that they provide was still present. Leaders of communities of faith across the country slowly began to realize that they needed to “cast their nets” online rather than in person; this was the only way forward, at least until restrictions were lifted. Luckily, some communities of faith were equipped well enough to make this transition. Others were not so fortunate.

The eChurch Network is a platform that aims to raise new online churches so that community members can find them and engage with them. Online services and worship are still fairly new to most people, but we can begin to change that.

Our Beliefs & Values

We believe that Ecumenical (non-denominational) online churches are the future of Christianity. Our beliefs and values are much like you would see in any in-person Christian church in the country – merely online. Here at the eChurch Network, we prioritize WORSHIP, EVANGELISM, FELLOWSHIP, DISCIPLESHIP, AND MINISTRY


Worship is a critical component of any community of faith; remote worship doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it can be even more rewarding!


We believe that evangelism is an important tenant of our organization. Spreading the gospel is foundational in all of our efforts.


We are a community of faith that is always seeking to learn more about the gospel and what Jesus taught us about our connection with God.


The disciples went out and sought new souls and connections, so we should also seek to teach and learn from others about the Kingdom of God.


As a part of the Kingdom of God, we choose to minister to those in need, sharing the Good News to all who will hear.

“As it was with the disciples, they had to have faith that casting their nets on the other side would make a difference. Today we must have the same FAITH. What we have done in the past was not wrong, there is just an opportunity to do it another way – A REMOTE WAY OF LEARNING.”

– Pastor Warren L. Henry, Sr.

Our Founder

Pastor Warren L. Henry, Sr.

Pastor Warren L. Henry, Sr. is not only a teacher and pastor but he is also a committed community activist and an author. He has fought for many years for equal housing, justice, and employment for both people of color and Christians across the country. Pastor Henry is also a Chaplain for South Fulton, GA, a Law Enforcement Chaplain, a Fire Rescue Chaplain, and the lead Crises Negotiator for the Metro SWAT Team.